Community Features

Community Management Features

Integrated With Your Contacts.

Don't just talk to your contacts - communicate. Create forums and blogs, track responses to email and text message campaigns, social networking and sharing, and powerful surveys. Get the conversation started.

SiteCaddy Community

SiteCaddy allows you to create multiple forums and attach them to the pages on your site. You control the conversations in each forum, and your visitors create the messages and replies. High degree of control in terms of moderation and messaging.

Post pages, news, or articles, and quickly enable blogging for any of your posts. Allow any visitor to post a comment - and you decide how to moderate incoming messages.

Yep - SiteCaddy does that too. Create surveys from a quick poll to a complex multipage questionnaire. Don't guess what your customers and members are thinking - ask them!

Promote your own social media channels via elegant widgets styled to complement your site.

Allow your visitors to share any content on your site via their own social media channels. A tremendous and simple way to increase traffic to your site.

Add a subscription form to your website, and visitors become contacts. Already have a contact list and you're new to SiteCaddy? We'll help you import all your contacts and get you ready to communicate.


SiteCaddy is securely integrated with major community channels such as Google, Twitter and Facebook. And easily convert your social followers to contacts.

Engage your contacts and visitors, but keep control of the conversation.

Save time over managing your contact in multiple systems. Save money compared to paying different vendors for managing your contacts. Keep them all nice and cozy in SiteCaddy.


We've been doing this for over 15 years (where does the time go) and we've worked with clients big and small, from North America to Europe.

Wholesale E-Commerce


Timeless Irish Treasures sells online both to consumers and their resellers.  Every time a sale is made, a reseller gets a reward.  That's synergy.



Irish Traditions sell both from their multiple shops in Maryland and through their SiteCaddy website.  



Scarborough Fair provides both in-store and on-site catering.  SiteCaddy helps their team schedule events and sell full menus through their website.


Michael Caponiti

Michael Caponiti
CEO, Archimedes Fund Management

"When we needed a new website for Archimedes Fund Management, the SiteCaddy team took care of everything. Consulting, domain, e-mail, design, website, and more. We provided the content and they did the rest.”

Donegal Importers

John Murray
Founder, Donegal Importers

"We switched over to Site Caddy in 2009 and not only did sales increase immediately but sales were recognized in areas that the company was not exposed to in the past. My old web site did not enable me to update it with product and pricing information. Site Caddy does!"