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SiteCaddy for PR and Design Firms

You help them. We help you.

Design and Public Relations firms around the world work tirelessly to promote their clients. Sometimes this leaves little time to promote themselves! With SiteCaddy you can easily publish many types of content (news, events, press releases, articles, documents and more) either for your own organization, or filtered for your clients.

And with the SiteCaddy partner program, you can help your clients even more. Offer them a complete online marketing and communications platform you trust, and receive a partner reward for each client every month.

SiteCaddy Content Management

Where to start? We can help. Whether looking for a simple brochure site to promote your brand or an immersive platform that adds services for your clients, we can work with you to create immediate and long-term plans online communications.

Your firm highly values the aesthetics of all you do. We do too. Our design team will work with you to create custom designs for your website, newsletters, social media channels, and everything that represents your brand online.

Hosting, domain name registration or transfers, e-mail setup and configuration, hosting, data storage... everything associated with building your online platform is available in SiteCaddy or from our team of experts.

Is your project unique? We hope so! The SiteCaddy platform is built to support the common needs of most businesses, but we can customize it for your specific needs.

Writing cotent for the web can be time consuming and challenging. The SiteCaddy team can either steer you in the right direction, or write sparkling copy in conjunction with your search engine optimization goals.

Do your clients need help with social media? Do you? We can help create all channels, create a consistent address scheme, push content from your account to your channels, and more.

If you're starting a new business, you may have never had to deal with online sales and marketing before. Or you don't have time to learn a new system. SiteCaddy is made for everyone - no matter your technical background or experience.

Powered by Google Analytics, SiteCaddy visitor reporting is expansive. From a simple dashboard view of your visitor numbers each time you sign in, to access to all your visitor information from day one until now.

Cash is king for any new business. We understand. If you need to start small - or even free - we can work with you. Keep costs low to start, and scale up your online presence as funds allow.


SiteCaddy provides everything you need to get online and sell products and services today. Cart, payment processing, shipping and taxes, hundreds of other features.

Why use one system for your website, a second for your e-commerce, a third to manage your contacts, and a fourth to communicate with your customers and members? SiteCaddy does it all.

SiteCaddy makes it easy and cost-effective to sell your products and services around the world. But when you need advice on best practices or strategy, our team is available to help.

Startup Portfolio

We've been doing this for over 15 years (where does the time go) and we've worked with clients big and small, from North America to Europe.

Kate Bowe Public Relations

Kate Bowe Public Relations provides a comprehensive public relations service to the Irish entertainment industry. We've worked with Kate and her team for over a decade.

On Course Golf PR

On Course Golf PR helps to promotes golf clubs and businesses around the world. While they spread the word about their clients, we help them ensure their brand, site and communications are rock-solid around the clock.

gr8 communications

gr8 communications specializes in helping institutional asset managers design and implement effective marketing and communications strategies that support their brands and help.


Michael Caponiti

Michael Caponiti
CEO, Archimedes Fund Management

"When we needed a new website for Archimedes Fund Management, the SiteCaddy team took care of everything. Consulting, domain, e-mail, design, website, and more. We provided the content and they did the rest.”

Donegal Importers

John Murray
Founder, Donegal Importers

"We switched over to Site Caddy in 2009 and not only did sales increase immediately but sales were recognized in areas that the company was not exposed to in the past. My old web site did not enable me to update it with product and pricing information. Site Caddy does!"